Joseph Fiennes has just landed a leading role in a Michael Jackson film as the King of Pop himself. Everyone is talking about it. No one is really comfortable with this role due to the fact that Michael Jackson was for one black and two made it clear during an interview with Oprah back in 93′ that he did not want a white man to play his role.

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Michael Jackson had a huge impact on r&b singer Chris Brown. Brown mentions that a lot in interviews and through his music. He is not feeling the leading role in the MJ movie. Chris took to Twitter last night to tweet,


He also tweeted ,

“Y’all know y’all dead wrong to have dude play MJ. If that’s the case LET ME BE SUPERMAN. Da fuck they do that at? Is that blackface?”

In the Oprah interview, MJ says having a white man play him would be “horrifying” and “crazy.”

Source: Complex