The Kardashian Blac Chyna drama just unfolds more and more everyday. We now learn that Rob Kardashian wants in on reality TV. It gets better. He wants a reality TV show with his new love Blac Chyna. We already know Kris Jenner is not beat for this. She recently went to visit her son so she can go talk some sense into his head about his new relationship with Chyna.

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Rob wants a reality TV show to show how he and Chyna live on a day-to-day basis. Hmmmm.. This may imply that these two are really serious and plan on being together for a long time. E! Network is in far with the Kardashian family and is able to give them first dibs for any reality TV show any of them wish to do. Kris Kardashian holds a lot of pull at the E! Network company so she might not let this one go down. If Rob was smart, he’d find another company to host his show. The funny part about this is Rob can definielty pull this off. I would for sure watch that TV show. So go head Rob ! Put it in the works.

Source: TMZ