A Chicago man has been convicted of first degree murder after providing his 14-year-old niece with the gun used in the fatal shooting of Endia Martin who was also 14. While many believe just was served, while his lawyers plan to appeal for the lesser charge of second-degree murder or negligence.

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Donnell Flora has been convicted of first degree murder for providing his 14-year-old niece with the gun used to fatally shoot Endia Martin, also 14.

The feud between the girls started on Facebook over a boy and evolved to two groups of girls passing taunts on the social media site. The girls agreed to meet up after school to fight.

Flora, who is paralyzed from a 2010 shooting, caught the bus to meet his niece and give her the gun just blocks away from where the fight would take place. Prosecutors say Flora knew that his niece intended to use the gun in the girl-fight.

Flora’s niece pointed the gun at a 16-year-old girl in Endia Martin’s group who pushed the gun away. She then opened fire striking the 16-year-old in the arm and fatally shooting Martin. She also fired at others in the group as they ran for cover, but no one else was hit.

The fight was caught on a cell phone camera, that was later taken into evidence.

He and his attorney believe the charges are too harsh. He claims that he provided his 14-year-old niece with the gun for her protection after a friend of Martin’s posted threats onto his niece’s Facebook page. He claims that the girls said they were going to kill his niece and he felt like she needed some “muscle”.

The district attorney along with most others completely disagree with Flora’s idea of protection,

When there were about 1,000 other options that could’ve been taken by an adult, he chose to continue the cycle.

The shooter, who has not been named due to her age, is being charged as a juvenile and currently awaits her trial in a juvenile detention center.

NBA baller Derrick Rose, who is a Chicago native, attended the funeral of Endia Martin. Her death helped sparked the conversation of stricter gun-control laws among Illinois politicians.

Very sad situation for both families because they essentially both lost a daughter when this shooting happened.

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