Meek Mill was in attendance last night during the Warriors vs. Sixers game at Golden State with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj…but apparently Warriors announcer Marc Zumoff didn’t see Meek sitting right next to her lol. Hit the jump.


With the camera directly on Meek & Nicki, Zumoff had this to say…or not say…

“It’s always great to have Nicki in the house. Of course, Meek as well, but it’s great to have Nicki here…and she is accompanied by Meek.”

Lmao that is bad…really bad. Apparently during the game he was on his phone frequently closing the deal to drop his 4/4 Part 2 ep last night where he was prepared to diss Drake.

His hometown team of the Philadelphia 76ers actually have the worst record in the NBA at 7-41 and they were playing the team with the best NBA record of the season, the Golden State Warriors, at 43-4. They only lost by 3 points with the final score 108-105, with Golden State at home! If they won and Meek Mill dissed Drake last night, that would have been the ultimate double upset of the year! Close though. Phili’s coming back though…I can feel it.

#Warriors announcer was wrong for that ?

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