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After a couple months of speculation, Kyrie Irving and Kehlani confirmed their relationship; each posting a picture together with a cutesy caption on Instagram.  In a new interview with ILY for their introductory issue, the Oakland-bred singer opens up about her relationship—while simultaneously Facetiming with the Cleveland Cavaliers star on the phone.

So…the photos of you and Kyrie…Are you in love?
Am I in love? No, no, no, no, no. [Laughs] It’s very early. He definitely makes me very happy.

I’ve taken it day by day, and enjoying every little bit. I think I’m trying not to get too excited or get too crazy about the hype of everything.

How do you not get excited?
I’m just trying to be regular and grow with him as a human. Very regular and very human.

I find it hard to stop yourself from getting too excited…
It is hard, but I think being in my situation…When in the limelight, and especially when it’s another person that’s in the limelight, it can get complicated real fast because not every relationship has millions of people tuning in or commenting every day. You have to make sure everything is communicated and solid, and that you’re happy, most of all.

How has your definition of love changed?
It’s changed a lot actually. I used to think that love was giving up everything of yourself and giving it to the other person. Now, I’ve realized that love is when you have somebody that doesn’t make you give up half of yourself.

Read Kehlani’s full interview HERE.

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