Stacy Dash has been getting ridiculed for her comments about the Oscars. People will not let her live. Even BET threw a bunch of shade at Dash for her comments. Well now a new type of shade has arrived and its all over Dash’s Instagram. People are not letting her forget that this month starts Black History Month.

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Dash recently released a statement to Fox News saying,

“[Obama] gets most of his funding from the liberal elite in Hollywood, yet there are not very many roles for people of color, How can that be and why is it just now being addressed?”

Dash has accused BET of segregation and also lying to “American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist.” Today people took to Dash’s Instagram to remind her that today marks the first day of Black History Month.

There has recently been a video put out of a group of kids responsind to Dash’s comments on Black History Month.

Source: Complex