IFWT_Gilbert Arenas Laura Govan

Gilbert Arenas has been “behaving badly” and needs to change, so says a judge who just ordered the ex-NBA star to attend co-parenting classes with his ex Laura Govan.

Gilbert and Laura — the mother of his 4 children — were in L.A. County Superior Court, where they’ve been battling out a custody arrangement ever since their nasty split last year.

But on Monday according to TMZ Sports, the judge admonished Arenas in open court — saying, “Gilbert is behaving badly. He needs to change.”

As we previously reported, Laura has claimed Gilbert is a “reckless parent” — and was furious after he posted a video of their 8-year-old son dangerously riding on the front hood of a Polaris back in December.

Aside from the 12 hours of co-parenting class, Arenas says he basically won with the judge denying all of Govan’s motions.  He says she keeps wasting her time coming to court.  In fact, Arenas says the judge ruled he give her $20,000/month in child support and he willing gives her $35,000 so he doesn’t understand why she keeps coming back to court…

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