Rob Kardashian has officially joined Snapchat. Blac Chyna dropped Rob’s snap name (RobPhukedMe) on hers just last night. Its cool to follow him and all but Chyna does have a few rules for you Rob Kardashian groupies.

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Chyna got on the Snap to tell the wold, don’t be “snap chatting that p*ssy” because it is not cool. She is not beat for it.

Today we learned that the Kardashians are afraid that Rob will relapse back into old habits messing with Chyna. This weekend Chyna was caught with ecstasy pills in her bag. A family friend claims that Rob has been calling a few party friends for some drug related favors. From what we see, Chyna tries to help Rob stay in shape and eat healthy. Hopefully this relationship is just as healthy as their eating habits.

Make sure y’all follow Rob on the snappy and NO NUDES ladies.

Source: Complex