This morning, everyone woke up to utter and extreme confusion as both Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian posted selfies with one another despite all of the drama occurring with their families. Now if you don’t know the history, here it is.

Amber Rose dated Kanye West for years and then a few years after, he got with Kim Kardashian, got married and had kids together. Not too long ago, Amber Rose and the entire Kardashian clan got into it and things got messy. Wiz and Kanye engaged in some Twitter beef last week and all hell broke loose. Then the icing on the cake was Blac Chyna hooking up with Rob and moving him into her house, causing the ultimate rift between the Kardashian family.

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With that being said, we’re completely confused as to how, what, where, when or why Kim and Amber are hanging out together (although we’re totally amused and entertained by it). Allegedly, Blac Chyna was also with Kimmy Cakes and Muva Rosebud when they took the pic together. Seems like some old friendships are being rekindled.

Amber captioned her photo:

“Swingers [frog emoji [tea emoji]”

Kim then posted the same selfie with a different filter saying:

“Tea anyone?”

The comment sections have been going crazy with speculations that the three have engaged in some sort of 3-some, although I highly doubt it. Kanye has an album on the way and I’m sure all of this is going to boost his album sales.

How confusing!

Footage from the club they allegedly met at;

What a great place to have a secret meeting ??#Amber #Chyna #Kim(somewhere)

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