Ohhhhhh my goodness, things got really messy last night between K.Michelle and Toya Wright. Toya just dropped her new book, “How to Lose A Husband.” After seeing K.Michelle put her two cents in under a comment on Instagram, things just went left.

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We are well aware that K.Michelle and Memphitz use to be a couple before Toya. K claims that she and Memphitz had a abusive relationship. So now, she’s asking Toya if she “believes her now” following the truth about her man. Safaree stepped in the mess for a few comments. We even seen althea, benzino’s wife step in and throw her few cents. K.Michelle said, “Not tonight Toyota.” These two are a mess.
K even offered to invite Toya over to watch the Toni Braxton movie. Im assuming this was a joke. We do not need these two crossing paths.

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Source: Instagram (@theshaderoom)