On Thursday Night, two NYPD officers were shot while at a complex in the Bronx. The police were doing an investigation in the Bronx when one of the cops was shot in the face and the other in the torso. The cops got into the altercation with the shooters in the stair case of the complex.

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Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker reported that the armed suspect had shot himself. A semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun were confiscated from the home. There are several suspects in custody. The 24-year-old officer who was hit in her torso is expected to live. She has to undergo a few surgeries. Her partner who was shot in his cheek is also expected to live.

Commissioner Bratton tweeted how proud he was of his officers.

“Proud of my officers, hopeful for their speedy recovery, grateful for the many expressions of concern and support on their behalf.”