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Love & Hip Hop New York new comer Mariah Lynn has definitely made her mark on the show with her fierce attitude and quick comebacks. The reality TV star recently had the chance to sit down and open up about her rough childhood, her career and much more!

Keep reading after the jump to see what Mariah had to say.

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Mariah Lynn recently sat down with VladTV where she got a little personal and opened up a lot about her past.

When asked about her relationship with her mother she said,

“You only get one mother, you know and no matter what my mother does um in essence um she gave me life so with out her you know she’s pretty much the main piece to the puzzle… Thats my ride or die no matter what”

Mariah Lynn then spoke about how she went into foster care at the age of thirteen.

“When i was thirteen years old my mother had fell into addition um you know my father was in and out the system or my life so um she had then got with my sisters father and had my sister and he was sentenced to nine years”


” So you know just being out here by herself and being alone and you know the pressure of being a single mother growing up on welfare and stuff like that you know… i will never fully understand but all i can do is be supportive and love her you know.”

Mariah Lynn also went on to discussed how she met her manager Mister Coop and working with New World Era.

“You know I was dancing, so meeting Coop and signing to New World Era was a blessing for me because I literally shook my a** to pay for sessions,”

said the reality TV star, continuing

“Nobody wanted to do anything for free, and let’s be real. In the industry nothing comes for free – especially for a woman. We’re very much so taken advantage of…”

Check out the full interview below!