The Washington Post dropped a serious bomb of info regarding Peyton Manning and the human growth hormones (HGH) he is rumored to have received. As you know, Manning has adamantly denied ever using anything and considering how un-athletic his body has looked his career, most people believe the story is nonsense. There are folks out there though who are reserving their opinion until more things can be proven or unproven and those folks would be very interested in this info.


Manning allegedly hired his own private investigators to go to the home of Charlie Sly’s parents after the report broke back in December. Was it intimidation or someone trying to get to the bottom of lies being told about them. Remember it was Sly who started all this stuff with his comments about Peyton and some other pro athletes to Al-Jazeera. The day after Peyton’s investigators came to visit is when Sly changed his story and recanted. His parents were scared enough by the visit that they called 911.

After they told their daughter to call 911 the night of Dec. 22, Randall and Judith Sly stepped outside to talk to the strangers, who clarified they were private investigators, not cops. They had come to this red brick house with a well-manicured lawn looking for the Slys’ 31-year-old son, Charlie, a pharmacist who was the primary source in the upcoming documentary.

Sly’s parents may have been nervous as you would expect them to be. But it is also possible their son was telling alot of lies to impress people.

The revelation of the visit to the Slys’ home in this rural, upper middle class suburb is another in what has been a series of strange twists and turns since the Al Jazeera documentary, “The Dark Side: The Secret World of Sports Doping,” first aired. In the documentary, Sly boasted about helping pro football and baseball players cheat. In one scene, Sly implied that Manning took human growth hormone prescribed by an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic and shipped to Manning’s wife, Ashley.

Manning and most of the other athletes named in the report have denied taking banned substances. Sly has since recanted his accusations, which were recorded by Al Jazeera without his knowledge.

The story Sly said he made up contained at least a bit of truth, though: The Guyer Institute did ship medication to Ashley Manning, Fleischer confirmed. Citing Ashley’s right to privacy, Fleischer declined to specify whether the medication was human growth hormone, which is banned by professional sports leagues and only legal to prescribe in America for a few specific conditions, such as growth hormone deficiency, HIV wasting syndrome and short bowel syndrome.

The story isn’t getting as much attention at the moment cause of the Super Bowl but expect this to ramp up, for better or worse once the off season kicks in.