Just last week rapper Chief Keef, gave orders to his one million Twitter followers to vandalize the Minneapolis home of three college students. Since then the three women have been left homeless out of fear of being attacked. One of the women named Ashley, spoke with Fox 9 about her unfortunate situation.

Due to what appears to be a misunderstanding over a video game, Ashely is now living out of her car. She told the reporter, “There are rumors about previous tenants, someone talking smack about him during a video game,” she continued, “For someone to be so influential over a million followers, it saddens me that you would take time out of our day to screw up someone else’s life, and not even making sure it’s the person you want to screw with.”

Listen to her story below.

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A GoFundMe page has been set up for the women, so hopefully they can relocate. You can find the page here.