In yet another example of the old saying, “Black don’t crack,” this popular trio has caused quite a stir. Kayla Mohomes posted a selfie with her twin sister Kyla and their mother, never anticipating what would happen next. People were stunned to see the resemblance of the girls to their mom, a resemblance so strong that no one could tell who which was the mother and which were the daughters. After going viral the ladies still kept quiet about who was mom until now; she also shares how she keeps her youthful glow.

Learn which of the three is the mom after the jump!

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Tina, 35, says she stays looking youthful by drinking lots of water, not using body soaps on her face, and cutting all stress out of her life immediately. She also notes that she believes that her beauty comes from having inner-beauty.

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This is such a beautiful family and the girls would make great models. Good luck to them!

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