Kanye is out here busting move after move! With his clothing line, Yeezy Season 3 on its way and his new album ‘WAVES’ about to drop, Kanye said “aint no breaks in 2016 bih!”. Because Kanye is making all these major moves at once, he will have to pay 1,200 extra’s to help him during this busy time!

Kye || Instagram

Kanye is currently working on two major projects which is his Yeezy Season 3 launch and his new album ‘WAVES’. Its been about 3 years since we got a new album from Kanye so you know he put major time and effort into it along with even more time and effort for Yeezy Season 3, because we all know that’s his baby.

Well it looks like Kanye may need a little bit of help. On set productions recently sent out a casting call looking for 1,200 extras to hire in efforts of them participating in Yeezy’s launch! Now thats pretty awesome!

The event takes place Feb. 11th at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Will you be signing up?