Last night while performing in NYC Marc Anthony decided he wanted to really express his feelings towards presidential candidate Donald trump, and boy let me tell you! There was no holding back here and it was all caught on camera!

Check out the video after the jump!

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Last night while performing at Madison Square Garden Marc Anthony definitely had everyone on their toes! And not only because he was about to perform but because he totally threw mad shade at Donald Trump!

Anthony began by talking about how proud he is to be a New Yorker and how proud he is to be a Puerto Rican and Latino. He continues to acknowledge all the people in the crowd from different latino countries but sums it all up with,

” We’re latinos!… and we have to take care of each other no matter where we come from…theres only one F***** box to check when you come into this country!”


“So we got to take care of each other, because there’s this crazy movement coming from some…”

ending it all with a big “F*** Donald Trump!” and the show went on!

Check out the full video down below!