Philly’s own Freeway has been diagnosed with kidney failure during a routine doctor visit back in September, and it has been a rocky road since.

He explains in a recent interview, Freeway gets into detail about the medical procedures he has to undergo to help treat him properly.

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“When I first got it, it was hard to get used to when I went to sleep,” the former Roc-a-fella emcee says about his doctor relocating the main vein in his arm in order to administer the dialysis. “It’s all the way up here to my under arm so it’s like vibrating all the time. It just feels weird.”

He also explained how keeping his faith in Islam has been helping him get through his condition mentally.

“Now that I get my treatments, I feel way better,” he says. “Better than I did the week before that because I didn’t know I was sick.”

Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Source: Rolling Out