IFWT_K.Michelle VS Memphitz

Just last week, Toya Wright and K.Michelle got into it again on social media, about the standing issue between them, Memphitz. K.Michelle has claimed for years that while she was in a relationship with Memphitz, he was abusive towards her and when his current wife, Toya Wright dropped her new book, “How to Lose A Husband.” K.M. hopped on Instagram inquiring if T.W. “believes her now” about the abuse allegations. The whole thing got messy real quick, but turned out to be for the best, as K.Michelle was able to confront Memphitz and get all the feelings weighing her down off her chest.

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In an open letter on Instagram, K.Michlle wrote,

“My Little spat with Toya was uncalled for but needed. For the first time in years I spoke to Memphitz. Yes I still can’t believe it. I faced my fear and decided to confront this without lawyers, family members, or cameras in the way.”

She continued about the conversation between them saying;

“I spoke my peace, he spoke his and the closure happened. We even laughed,” she explained, “I thanked him for being the first person to sign me to a label, and he even apologized for the numerous negative social media post. Wow.” She rounded out her statement saying, “I forgive HIM now maybe I can start forgiving THEM. I truly wish him the best, because hating him was only killing me.”

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