Not only is the Queen B currently working hard on her newly announced tour, she also plans to help the people of Flint,Michigan. Beyonce has recently partnered with United Way of Genesee County and other United Way programs to help try and filter out the level of lead being found in the water of Flint, Michigan residents.

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Beyonce and the teams are looking to give out “thousands of filtration pitchers, faucet mount filters, replacement cartridges and truckloads of water to underserved populations to address immediate needs” in the Flint, Michigan community.

A press source says that Beyonce will also be working alongside The Community Foundation of Greater Flint. Together they will put their focus towards the children that are highly affected by this disastrous water crisis. The fund is looking to aid and “address long-term developmental, education, nutrition and health needs” of children suffering from lead-related illnesses.

We must praise B for lending a helping hand during Flint’s time of need.

Source: VLADTV