UPDATE: [11:25AM EST] According to the police reports, it’s a lot more serious than what X‘s camp is saying. The rapper was not breathing and did not have a pulse when paramedics arrived, and it appears to have been an overdose. He was found on the ground in a parking lot, and his pulse came back after a full minute of CPR.

A witness says he “ingested some sort of powder before lapsing into unconsciousness,” and he was then administered Narcan, an antidote to narcotic ODs.He appears to be in stable condition and at this time, no criminal charges are expected.

ORIGINAL STORY: [8:45AM EST] It is just NOT DMX’s year from his legal troubles to now his health issues.

The rapper was rushed to the hospital after collapsing from what appears to be a really bad asthma attack. He was outside of the Ramada in Yonkers when he began complaining about chest pain and shortness of breath. Shortly after, he collapsed to the floor before his crew could find his inhaler.

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He is currently in the hospital where he is being treated for his condition with various breathing treatments.

Feel better, X!