Florida sure does pranks differently. Hit the jump to find out why an alligator ended up inside a Wendy’s.

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Joshua James drove up to his local Wendy’s drive-thru and thre an alligator through the window. His mom told reporters her son just wanted to pull a prank on a friend who worked at the restaurant. Police see this event much, much differently.

James’ charges include:

  1. aggravated assault
  2. illegal sale, transport or purchase of an alligator
  3. petty theft

Joshua James ordered a large drink and drove up the window to receive it.  While the sales associate moved to grab the drink and give it to James, Joshua James retrieved the alligator from his backseat and threw it through the window.  Police report he also acted weird at a gas station just moments before the incident; they even have the surveillance footage to prove it.

He exited the car through his window as well.  Police arrested him, he confessed and faced a judge.  The judge directed him to:

  • avoid all Wendy’s
  • avoid any possession of weapons
  • limit contact with any animals except his mother’s dog
  • get a mental health evaluation

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Source: Washington Post