Okay Ed Sheeran! During a recent interview, Sheeran shows off his not so pretty rap skills as he spits a few acapella lines to Eminem’s “Criminal.” Sheeran is no rapper but the effort was definitely there, I guess we can give him an A for that.

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Sheeran does say that Eminem is one of his inspirations but we all know Sheeran will stick to singing. I must say, watching Sheeran rap the lyrics to this song was pretty entertaining! “Criminal” was featured on Eminem’s third album which was titled, “The Marshall Mathers LP.” This album dropped a long time ago back in 2000. Sheeran has really stepped out the box with a lot of the celebrities he has worked with. He’s done tracks with The Weeknd, Justin Beiber, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. He has even broke a record on Spotify as the first artist to get 500 MILLION streams on just one song!

Y’all gotta check this one out.

Quand Ed Sheeran rappe sur "Criminal" d'Eminem / When Ed Sheeran raps over Eminem's track "Criminal"

Posted by Clique on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Source: Complex