I’m pretty sure being a celebrity is exhausting. Constant paparazzi and photos being taken all day. Sometimes they just wanna be normal you know? Some handle it a lot better than others. Cleary Bill Murray is one of the people that handles it all types of wrong. Murray got really pissed when a fan tried to take his picture while out and threw their phone off of a rooftop.

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Murray was at Vesuvio rooftop lounge in Carmel, Calif. This lounge is a well known spot for celebs to just go chill and hang out. Its pretty much the hangout spot after the annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournaments. Murray was actually playing in the tournament. Once he seen a flash from a phone go off in his face, all hell broke lose. Murray took the phone and threw it off the rooftop. Mind you the rooftop is two-stories. He says he will soon put a “no phones, no photos” rule into action while at the lounge since it is always full of celebrities. Ummmmm ok !

Since the incident, Murray did offer to pay for the damaged phone. I truly hope this fan is getting a whole new one.

Source: Complex || TMZ