Being that Kanye West is such a sweetheart, before he decided to incorporate Ray J into his lyrics on his brand new The Life Of Pablo album, he decided to give him a heads up prior.

Not only did he give him a ring to let him know about his name being mentioned on the new album, but he also wanted to squash any beef that may have still existed in regards to Kim Kardashian, who dated Ray J for quite some time (unless you live under a rock and didn’t know that already).

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The lyrics that Kanye added onto the album were, “Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same bitch … you might have hit it first, but I’m rich, though.”

He claims it was all fun and games and meant absolutely no harm by it what so ever.

Sources from Ray J’s end say he is very appreciative that Kanye reached out and that everyone is cool on all ends. Also – he wants the world to know he also is indeed very rich with a hefty bank account and four TV shows in the works.

Kim sure knows how to pick ’em, huh?