I am guessing you can tell which kid is Steph Curry in his 8th grade team photo. Steph was pretty confident as a younger kid that he was going to eventually wind up in the NBA. How do we know that you ask? Because his yearbook was found from his eighth grade year when he attended school in Toronto and he talked about going to the league like it was gonna happen and not just be a dream.


When Steph was an eighth grader, he moved to Toronto for one year as his dad, Dell, played with the Raptors. Their stay north of the border didn’t last much longer but it last long enough for Steph to leave and epic message in his yearbook that predicted his future.

In the yearbook, Steph wrote “I would like to thank God this year for allowing me to move to a new country and live in a new environment. It was a great change and I enjoyed it alot. He then went on to say “I look forward to going to the NBA when I get older and I would like to get my college education”.

I wouldn’t quite say he is someone who can see the future but it is clear the confidence he displays on the court is nothing new. Check the gallery to see his yearbook photo.