Football season is over and now we have to wait about seven months again before we all get crazy. It already feels like the Super Bowl was a long time ago when in reality it was just this past Sunday. The news of the week has definitely been the way Cam Newton walked out of the post game press conference after Super Bowl 50. So many fools have gone out of their way to trash Cam for how he handled the loss but ironically one person who is coming to his defense is the father of the winning quarterback, Archie Manning. That’s because he knows even Peyton himself once handled a big loss in not so great fashion.


“It’s really hard, really, really hard,” Manning said. “I like Cam. I’m not going to blast Cam. As a parent you say, ‘I wish he’d have handled it a little different.’ But it hurts.”

When Peyton lost to the Saints in 2010, he left the field without congratulating anyone else. But Archie said Peyton texted Sean Payton and Drew Brees from the locker room that night.

But nothing matched the furor Newton triggered by huffing off the podium after losing to the Broncos.

“He did catch flak about it,” Archie said of his son. “I don’t think until that game I ever had enough sympathy for the losing team in a Super Bowl. You’re really probably the second-best team out of 32 that year, but you come away from that game and feel like you’re 32nd instead of second. I can remember that. I remember how hurt [Peyton] was. . . .

“It’s a hard time, winning the Super Bowl or losing the Super Bowl. Cam, he’ll learn from it.”

Hopefully people can finally let this go now.