One extra from the Yeezy Season 3 show has been causing a bunch of confusion as to whether the extra’s at the show got paid or not. The extra who goes by the name “kurents” on Instagram, went off today claiming that Ye’ jipped a lot of people out of there money. Sources close to Kanye shut these rumors down saying that is false and that extra received their pay.

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Kurents said that Yeezy dressed everyone up in hand-me-downs and he didn’t receive any compensation for his work, not that he did much but anyway. A representative for Kanye said extra’s received a daily rate and a voucher for lunch. Extras were dressed in Yeezy Season 3 gear but due to the over population of the event and the people involved, some people had to wear dyed vintage clothing. The extras were paid, $10/hr. Thats pretty decent if you ask me. All extras also had to sign a very strict NDA to be apart of the show.

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Source: TMZ