Kevin Durant is way too busy with his own season with the OKC Thunder to really pay attention to what has been going on in New York. If he had more time on his hands, he would definitely NOT be “shocked” that the Knicks fired Derek Fisher. He was doing a horrible job and as we have found out in the past few days, he was crossing the line between professional and personal as well.


The Derek Fisher era in the big apple will not be remembered fondly. He was in over his head to begin with and only got the job through his relationship with Phil Jackson. Granted, the Knicks roster has not been full of talent during his tenure, but 17 wins last year, setting a new franchise record for worst season in team history was just embarrassing. This season the Knicks are currently nine games below 500, despite playing in a weaker conference and having a better team than last year.

Despite all of what I just said, KD didn’t see the firing coming. His own friendship with Fisher is likely keeping his blinders on.

“I was shocked,” Durant said Friday in Toronto during All-Star Media Day, according to the New York Post’s Marc Berman. “I thought he was doing a great job. Melo missed (seven) games. It’s tough losing your best player. I thought he was doing a great job, man.”

“This league, it don’t matter what your record is nowadays,” Durant said. “You still get fired. I don’t know who’s doing it deep in the organization internally. Record doesn’t matter anymore if you’re a coach. Fish did a great job. It’s tough to turn an organization around in a year-and-a-half. He did the best he could do. I’m sure he walked out with a lot of peace.”

Durant made sure to contact Fisher once his firing was made public.

“I talked to Fish,’” Durant said. “I just told him I love him, man. He knows the business. People go through all the time. I told him he did a great job and know he can walk away from that job at peace, knowing he gave 110 percent.”

I think if KD had a two minute conversation with any Knicks fan with common sense, he would realize how bad it really has been.