As sneakerheads today are currently going crazy with the release of the Cement 4’s from Jordan as well as the black OVO collab, nobody in the sneaker world has ANYTHING on Kobe Bryant after the gift he received last night from MJ himself!


Bryant was gifted by Jordan brand with a complete set of Jordan’s in both white and black. When I say complete set, I literally mean all Jordan’s starting with the original up to the newly released XXX. That’s 30 pairs each in both colors but us little people might have a shot at owning some of these.

Rumors continue to swirl about the Kobe pack being released this month or next, which would include the 3’s and 8’s in white, purple and gold of the Lakers. Should that never be released, the entire black collection that he was gifted last night is actually going online as part of an auction. Proceeds will benefit “Jordan Brand Wings” and you can find them on ebay but act fast and be ready to spend an insane amount of money.

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