A father with three children is being charged with attempted murder after running over a teenager who tried to steal Jordans from him. The teenager is also being charged for attempted robbery. Hit the jump for more.

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39-year-old Phillip Pierre arranged to meet 17-year-old Zachary Sam on Friday to sell him Jordan 8 sneakers after Zach contacted Phillip from his Craigslist ad. However, Zachary’s plans wasn’t to actually pay for the sneaker, as the Brooklyn teen pulled out a gun to rob Phillip in Phillip’s car.

After tracking Zachary down, Phillip decided to run the teen over, which led to Zachary’s arm being ripped off his body!

Here is the CCTV footage recorded of the incident:

Here is some footage of a local pedestrian recording a video of Zachary’s arm:

You can watch the full news report below.