Tyra Banks has had fertility issues in the past just like many other women and with the help of her eggs and her hubby’s sperm she was able to use a surrogate mother to carry a baby that will have her and her husbands genes. The baby was born in late January and she just now revealed a photo on Instagram of her new baby, York Banks Asla. Check out the picture in the gallery after the jump.

Carli Knox

Tyra Banks has finally revealed a picture of her baby York Banks Asla and he is so precious. Although Tyra didn’t carry her son due to fertility issues she was able to use her egg and her husbands sperm to give their child their genes. She went to her Instagram today and showed off her baby boy with the caption

tyrabanksThis is the Happiest Valentine’s Day of my life. York, Daddy @erikasla and I send you so much love.

Congrats to Tyra and her beautiful family. Comment below and let us know what you think.