No surprise here…just inevitable. The GOP Debate last night was a fiery one while majority of the republican candidates all took shots at each other. Hit the jump to see just what allegations were made. Who’s the winner?

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Marco Rubio threw blows at Ted Cruz by claiming he was a liar of basically everything. Maybe a bit of a stretch coming from Rubio, but maybe not. He claimed he was lying about his stances on same-sex marriage, Planned Parenthood, immigration, campaign tactics and many more:

“On this campaign, he is saying things that are not true, and he’s saying it repeatedly, and he knows they’re not true.”

“The bottom line is, there’s been this disturbing pattern the last couple of weeks of Ted Cruz saying things that are not true. Just in the last week, he’s lied about my record on marriage. He’s lied about my record on Planned Parenthood. Of course he lied about Ben Carson in Iowa. Last night Donald Trump says he’s issuing robocalls, doing the same thing to him. And then he also isn’t telling the truth about immigration.”

“I mean, he goes around portraying himself as this purist..you know, Ted Cruz, the purist on immigration. But I was there two, three years ago, when he was passionately arguing at the committee that we needed to pass immigration reform and needed to bring people out of the shadows.”

Shots. Fired.

On to the Donald vs. Bush..

Right before Trump verbally attacked Jeb on his brother George’s actions including 9/11 and on the war in Iraq, he stated he could get along with everybody. Which very well could be true, with the exception of the Bush family for just this particular moment.

“Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake, all right?”

“Obviously it was a mistake! George Bush made a mistake! We can make mistakes! But that one was a beauty. We should’ve never been in Iraq! We have destabilized the Middle East!”

“They lied! They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none, and they knew there were none! There were no weapons of mass destruction!”

“The World Trade Center during your brother’s reign, remember that. That’s not keeping us safe.”

Trump has repeatedly mentioned to Jeb his brother’s poor presidency and it’s likely the onslaught will only continue.

Stay tuned.

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