While on “The Real Time With Bill Maher,” Killer Mike shares a message to all the white people. He talked about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance which has started a huge uproar. Mike gave a strong opinion about not only Beyonce’s new single “Formation,” but the motive of the Black Panthers.

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Mike spoke on the message portrayed in “Formation” by saying,

“Speaking of white slight and white fragility. White people, it’s not always about you. And what I mean by that is, when you hear her talk about the record. She says first, ‘I’m not in the Illuminati.’ She’s talking to other black people saying ‘Look stupid, because I’m not at Ferguson when you want me to be, doesn’t mean I’ve sold you out.’ And then the rest of the first verse is about her telling other black people ‘I like being black. This is the type of black I am. I like the fact my daughter’s black. I like my old Michael Jackson nose. I like my child with an afro. I like me.’ White people that conversation wasn’t even for you.”

Mike spoke on the Black Panthers movement and said it was designed for “all people” and was “a Socialist group for any downtrodden people.”

He went on to say,

“I want to say about the Black Panthers—Other white people, the history they teach you in white school it’s not exactly right. The Black Panthers were called The Black Panthers, but they weren’t just pro-black people. There was even an Asian Black Panther…The Black Panthers were a Socialist group for any downtrodden people. And at that time, they happened to be black. But they said ‘all people.’ Fred Hampton was 21-years-old and when he talked, he talked about educating the people. Not just the black people. So, white people we’re [immigrating] the Panthers too, so you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

Source: HipHopDX