KXNG Crooked, 1/4 of supergroup Slaughterhouse, finally gives fans an update on the group’s long awaited third album, Glass House. Hit the jump.

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During an interview with allhiphop.com, Crooked I discusses:

“As far as the gang, we go our separate ways, but we’re doing this. This is something that’s going to get done. We’re about to release our third album. That’s phenomenal for a group, because a lot of groups don’t make it pass one or two albums.

We can’t leave right now. There’s too much of an important moment happening for us right now in Hip Hop. I believe the Trap music – which I’m not knocking – it’s a lot of it, and I believe it’s starting to fizzle down some. So this is an important moment for lyricists. We can’t remove ourselves from this moment.

So you’re saying Glass House is on the way?

Yeah, but I want to change the name. I don’t like that name.

Have you guys discussed changing the name?

I told Joell, “We got to change the name. I hate that name.”

So we should just be looking out for “untitled” third Slaughterhouse album?

Untitled! [laughs] It’s a dope album though. I know I’m doing the Statik KXNG thing, and I’m grateful for this opportunity just to stay putting music out. It’s a great feeling, but the Slaughterhouse sh*t is a dope album.

We hit some roadblocks, so we had to figure some things out. They’re all figured out. I’m going to just let the label tell the people what’s going on, because I’m definitely not trying to.”

Hip-hop needs a Slaughterhouse album soon. I need a Slaughterhouse album soon lol.