Shelby Isaac, 18 year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee has been charged with the murders of a man, his girlfriend and unborn baby during an attempted robbery gone bad.

According to reports, in January Isaac attempted to steal bundles of weave from EJ Tate and Edwina Thomas. Tate ran a business called VirginHair4US.com and sold hair valued up to $250 dollars. Shelby Isaac and her accomplice Victoria Seay are believed to have bought weave from the company before and the bundles may have been the motive. Eye witness accounts state Isaac went through Tate’s pockets after she shot him.

Issac is charged with triple homicide, while Seay, who acted as a getaway driver and is being charged with accessory after the fact.

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Weave though? I know it’s expensive but it’s never that serious.

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