Looks like this church is going to have one less attendee! Well, likely a lot less attendees after they hear this story of how shady their pastor is….

Marie Holmes won the Powerball last year – you know, the woman who keeps bailing her ain’t ish man out of jail with her winnings? Well, now her ain’t ish pastor has filed a $10 million lawsuit against her, saying he is “experiencing emotional and mental distress,” because she didn’t fufill her end of their “verbal contract” to spend $1.5 million to purchase land to build a retreat facility.

“Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” says Pastor Kevin Matthews.

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He later met Holmes and ministered to her on several occasions at her new home. He also said he ministered to three other people at her home, and then he eventually asked her to consider giving him money to purchase land to build a retreat. He gave her three different amounts that he needed ($1 million, $1.5 million and $2 million). After several meetings, she agreed to give him $1.5 million to help purchase land to build a retreat center that he says he had been praying about for years.

Uh. Yeah…

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