Nick Young wanted to be in LA and had fun doing Swaggy P type things but on the court the Lakers have been “frustrating” and with the February 18th trade deadline looming, Young knows he could be on his way out.  While he’s not not hoping for anything,” whether it involves the Lakers keeping or trading him, he is intrigued at the possibility of being traded to a playoff team.

via LA Daily News:

Young has tried to inject some positive energy into an otherwise negative environment. He has spent lineup introductions shaking his teammates’ hands. He has dabbed with the younger ones, such asD’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson. He has clasped hands with the veterans, such as Kobe Bryantand Metta World Peace.

During those exchanges, Young said he has often offered a simple message that captures his experience in a 2015-16 season that he described as “frustrating.”

“‘I want you to remember me for something in case I’m gone,’” Young recalled saying to other players in an interview with Los Angeles News Group.

“I’ll be lying if I said I’m not hearing anything,” Young said. “I don’t know if anything’s going to happen. But I’m being prepared and hoping for the best.”

Young stressed he’s “not hoping for anything,” whether it involves the Lakers retaining him or trading him. But his eyes perked up at the possibility of a postseason-bound team adding secondary scoring to fuel a deep run.

“I would love to be on a playoff team and not just be sitting and watching,” Young said. “I would love to be in a playoff atmosphere and be a part of it.”

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