This is seriously disgusting. This man served our country and kept these people safe and than they turn on him because he’s white? Like all of a sudden he’s your enemy even though he protected your freedom 12 years ago? Violence and ignorance isn’t the answer to achieve peace and equality. Hit the jump.

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Chris Marquez is a decorated Marine who fought 8 years in the Iraq war, including the battle of Fallujah. He is one of three men in the famous statue carrying a fellow wounded Marine dubbed as the “No Man Left Behind” sculpture.

Friday night in Washington D.C, he was at a McDonalds, eating, when a group of black teens, 3 men, 1 woman, asked him if he thought that black lives matter. He ignored them and continued eating his food to which they waited for him to leave the establishment.

Once he went outside, they blindsided him and knocked him unconscious by hitting him in the back of the head, than robbing him of his wallet and leaving him. Yes, it’s a hate crime based on race.

All you’re doing is undoing the work of Martin Luther King Jr. Is this really the world we want to live in? An unjust, civilian unrested society? We only do it to ourselves. You don’t fight fire with fire and you don’t fight unnecessary violence (police brutality) with more unnecessary violence (assaulting a war hero). It gets nowhere and just spirals out of control until we self-destruct as a people and implode as a nation.

You robbed his wallet…no you just robbed America of it’s great qualities which make it America.

I hope you’re reading this.