The people of Compton must be oh so proud of Kendrick Lamar. From taking home 5 Grammy’s, to giving what a lot of people are calling the “Best Performance” last night, K.Dott has yet to disappoint. In his new Noisey documentary, “Bompton”​, Kendrick now speaks on some of the struggles he has endured growing up in the city of Compton.

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Kendrick spoke about growing up in Compton and he was able to stay away from the gang life and focus on music. He said,

“When you hear these stories in good kid, m.A.A.d city, when you hear these stories in To Pimp a Butterfly, it’s a little bit deeper than just music. It’s cats out here really trying to do something and really try to spark the idea of positivity.”

In the documentary, we see a lot of Kendricks old teachers and childhood friends speak on his success.

Check out the video below.

Source: Complex