Mob Wives star Angela Raiola who many know as “Big Ang” has just died after battling cancer. This is such tragic news. She died at the age of 55 while in the hospital.

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A personal representative for Big Ang says she is NOT dead! She is still alive and fighting ! Thank God!

A tweet has went out saying that Big Ang is still alive and fighting her battle. Not sure how ET got that story wrong. They are such a credible outlet for news. Raiola’s family have asked for privacy at this time so we have no choice but to respect their wishes.Transgender Carmen Carrera says she has been keeping in touch with Ang’s ex husband Neil Murphy. Carrera says,

“She’s still breathing. She’s off the breathing machine because of her ammonia. The doctor is only giving her a few hours. She was so close to all of us. We are so sad right now.”

We still are going to keep the prayers rolling for Angela Raiola and family.

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In December, we learned that Raiola’s throat cancer had came back. In March she had to get a tumor removed from her throat. The tumor was the size of a lemon. In June she had to have the same procedure done but from the right side of her throat. Back in February Railoa’s family was able to set up a GoFundMe for her and they made $45,000.

May her soul Rest In Peace and may her family find comfort during the time of their lost. You will be missed Big Ang.