Kanye West recently announced he’s got $53 million of personal debt. In a recent Twitter rant, Ye’ called out Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg asking him invest $1 billion into his ideas for art, music, fashion, ect. So far Zuckerberg has yet to respond, however fellow rapper The Game has stepped up to the plate with an offer.

Late Tuesday night, The Game tweeted he would invest $10 million into “Kanye West ideas” but of course there was a catch. “Tell him I’m not Mark Zuckerberg but I got $10,000,000 to invest in his ideas if he comes to Dubai & skydives wit us tomorrow,” he tweeted, adding “I’ll pay for the flight, It’s 12 noon in #Dubai you got an hour to accept. Call/my phone or tweet #BlackJesus.”

Do you think Kanye will accept Game’s offer? Stay tuned…

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