Despite the Super Bowl having been almost two weeks ago already, there is still drama surrounding Beyonce’s halftime performance. As you already know, Police everywhere are very upset with Bey after they felt she did a song that was full of hostility and aggression towards them personally. In fact, police in Miami are discussing boycotting a performance she has coming up down there in April because of the song. The NYPD isn’t taking such a hard stance but they do want to hear from Beyonce immediately.


Sources say that the NYPD doesn’t personally feel her song and performance were hostile. They say the problem is that’s how it came across, which is almost as equally as important to them.

However, some cops are bitter and want her to publicly disavow any violence or aggression towards police and at the same time, they want her to explain herself as to what her point was that night.

They were also fast to mention they will not be boycotting her and will provide security for any shows in the area. I am not sure they will get what they want in the form of an apology. If they can recognize the song wasn’t really hostile towards police then they should just leave it be.