In a heroic act of selflessness, 24-year-old Demetrius Johnson went into a burning house when he realized that his three children did not make it out. Johnson ran back into the home and saved his two oldest children, one of whom was severely burned and is currently fighting for her life. There was one child left in the house and Johnson refused to leave his 3-year-old son behind so he ran back in once again to save the toddler, but loss his own life in the process.

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Online reports stated that his fiancee and the mother of his three children told him not to go back in, but Johnson could not let his baby die in the fire. He’d just proposed to his longtime girlfriend days before, on Valentine’s Day.

A 49-year-old man that lived upstairs also died in the fire. Authorities have not idea what caused the fire.

What a heroic deed for a person to go back in a burning house to save his children. Prayers up for his recovering daughter, and for his family who mourn his death.

Fellas would you run back into a burning house to save your children? Let us know in the comments!