As apart of celebrating their 30th anniversary, American Girl has decided to release a new doll. The doll will be named Melody and she will be apart of the Civil-Rights Era. Melody is a 9-year-old girl who lives in Detroit. She loves Motown music and singing.

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Melody is not the first black doll. There’s Addy, Kaya and Josefina. This doll is pretty special tho being that she comes from the Civil-Rights era. Brit Bennett, who wrote “Addy Walker, American Girl,” released a statement about the legacy of black and white dolls and their where they fit in history. Bennet says,

“For seventeen years, Addy was the only black historical doll; she was the only nonwhite doll until 1998. If you were a white girl who wanted a historical doll who looked like you, you could imagine yourself in Samantha’s Victorian home or with Kirsten, weathering life on the prairie. If you were a black girl, you could only picture yourself as a runaway slave.”

Beautiful to see diversity showing up somewhere that will benefit our children!


Source: Jezebel