IFWT_Gronk party

It’s no secret that Rob Gronkowski likes to party, so he gave his fans a chance to rage with him all weekend.  The New England Patriots tight end and his family threw a three-day cruise called Gronk’s party ship from February 19th – 22nd, going from Miami to Gronk’s private island in the Bahamas.  Gronk’s party ship was full of dancing, drinking and shirtless display of the Gronk’s (including his father).  Things got really wild however when Gronk made an interesting offer.

Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko has a “friend” on the ship who’s been supplying him with information and videos and in one of the video’s, Gronk is seen on the mic in front of the crowd, offering a couple “10 grand cash right now if you bang in front of everybody.”

There’s no word yet if they went through with it; I’m sure video would or will surface if they did.

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Here’s a bonus of video of Gronk’s dad dancing, clearly this is where he got it from.