This is so out of hand….everyday there’s a new story about someone going crazy on society and just trying to kill people. What is going on….hit the jump.

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A female high school student has been taken into custody after eight people were stabbed at a high school east of Toronto. Thankfully, all of the injuries sustained were minor and there were no deaths.

Durham regional police sergeant, Bill Calder, said officers were called to Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario on Tuesday morning, after a report about a female waving a knife around came in. Six students and two staff members were of the victims, with four of the eight being taken to the hospital.

Students said they just ran from a girl who came running down the hallway waving steak knives at everyone. Kristina Petrovska, 14, came face-to-face with the suspect who slashed the knives at her:

“I just ran for my life. I just can’t believe it happened. She almost got me.”

Stephen Pim, 16, said he saw a girl with a long black coat chasing students in the hall waving a knife in each hand:

“I heard the teachers say ‘clear the halls’ so I started to run outside informing people that there’s a student with a knife, you need to get to safety.”

Police have not released the name or age of the knife-wielder, but say she is in the younger grades.

Calder stated:

“There are different areas of the school where the assaults took place. It seems to be a random attack.”

Two staff members tackled the girl and held her down until police arrived. Her charges are pending and the school remains on lockdown.

Get it together, society.