ifwt_Sage x Jordin x Curium

Remember before he started dating Jordin Sparks, Sage The Gemini was all wrapped up in some drama with a girl that had gotten out of jail? Well, her name was Curium, and she’s back to f*ck sh*t up once again.

Apparently, Curium is the “one that got away” in Sage’s eyes, and he’s doing what he can to win her back, now that he’s split from Jordin – and that basically means throwing Jordin under the bus. In a newly-leaked phone call from Sage to Curium, the “Gas Pedal” rapper says all types of craziness about his ex, from having wanted to stab her, their relationship was set up as a PR stunt at first, she’s boring…the list goes on and on!

I’m no love guru, but I’m preeeeetty sure this won’t help Sage’s case as he tries to win Jordin back. He might just want to give that a rest for now. Listen to the full convo below and let us know your thoughts!

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