ABC’s sitcom “Black-ish” took a more serious turn on its latest episode which aired last night and tackled police brutality. In an episode titled ‘Hope’ The Johnson family finds themselves huddled around the T.V. awaiting the jury decision in a case of a cop killing an unarmed Black teen.

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The episode zeros in on the youngest of the Johnson family, twins, Jack and Diane, and how their parents chose discuss and explain police brutality to them. The dad, Andre, played by Anthony Anderson, and the mom, Rainbow, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, take different stances on the issue. Andre shares what he calls a real view of the world, at one point saying; “They are not just children, they are black children and they need to know the world they are living in.” While Rainbow wishes to inspire hope in her children saying, “I just want to give them a little faith in the world, help them hold on to their innocence and be kids a little while longer.”

The episode has been praised by critics. One EW writer said, “In one swoop, the series tackled police brutality with an incredible balance of depth and brevity that proves comedies can handle difficult subjects as long as they are done with a steady hand.” while, The Washington Post, commended the episode for “staying true to it’s roots.”

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