Big Gipp recently stopped by Dash Radio to chop it up with DJ Nelz & DJ Prophet. The Goodie Mob rapper, opened about his new music, Organized Noise documentary, drugs in Hip Hop and he thoughts rapper Future.

Big Gipp talked about how drugs are often celebrated in Hip Hop. He said, “Everybody high,” adding, “It’s a designer world, man…You actually got kids in the West Coast doing lean. That used to be something that was just going on in Texas and Memphis. Now it’s something that’s spread all the way across the nation.”

He then touched on Dirty Sprite rapper, Future and the difference between spending money on drugs instead of making good music. “He don’t get as high as he talks,” Gipp stated, “I can tell y’all right now, dude got three, four albums that’s still sitting up ready to go. You can’t do that kind of music when you’re high the way he talks.”

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